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"Washington's Backyard!"

Wait.  Is it 'Franconia', or 'Lee?'  Where does the name "Franconia" come from, anyway?  What does 'Franconia' mean?  How is the name relevant to us?  Why couldn't we just continue using the name 'Lee?'  We understand our district was actually named after Henry Lee III who served as Governor of Virginia January 29, 1756 through March 25, 1818.  The answers to these questions, Paul Beran has had to repeat to many confused constituents since he started to run for Franconia Supervisor.

Proposed New Brand Image for Franconia District!


Franconia District, Fairfax County:  In the wake of increases of violent crime, changes in zoning, as well as cultural/immigration and socio-economic challenges faced by the Franconia District in Fairfax County, a new brand image is being proposed.  “It is crucial that we instill a sense of pride and home ownership among our residents,” states Paul Beran, candidate in the 2023 election for Supervisor of Franconia.  Adoption of the brand “Washington's Backyard” would create a strong and compelling brand identity for the Franconia District.  While the district is still transitioning from its woke motivated "Lee" District identity change to the comparatively unknown name of "Franconia," there are rich historical ties and remarkable attributes of this area that should be leveraged to build a strong and compelling brand. 

The Franconia District is privileged to be situated directly behind Mount Vernon, the cherished estate of our nation's founding father. This historical relevance creates a unique opportunity to foster a deeper connection to the past, and instilling a sense of pride in the district's residents.  This brand encapsulates the historical significance while also emphasizing the district as a vibrant and family oriented welcoming community.  The slogan "Live, Work & Play Here!" communicates the district's appeal as a place to build a life, pursue career aspirations, and enjoy recreational activities. This brand will inspire both residents and potential homebuyers to invest in the district and take pride in calling it home.

“We should celebrate this connection by promoting the district as ‘Washington's Backyard,’ symbolizing a living legacy and an extension of our great leader's vision.”  Beran continues, “We can arrange for an annual district-wide celebration of weekend activities such as: Big Backyard Sale, Backyard Cook-out, Family Reunion, Planting and Harvesting, etc.”

To further enhance the district's sense of familiarity and resonance, Beran recommends flipping the title from "Franconia District" to the "District of Franconia." This subtle change evokes the spirit of the well-known "District of Columbia" while preserving the district's unique identity. The name "District of Franconia" solidifies the district's connection to the nation's capital, creating a sense of pride and ownership that will resonate with residents and potential newcomers alike.

The accuracy of the District of Franconia actually being “George Washington’s backyard” was verified by individuals working within the Mt. Vernon Ladies’ Association, curators of the George Washington estate since 1859.  Its location is easily documented by maps depicting the 8,000 acres originally owned by Washington, and situated immediately behind the Mt. Vernon property.  Mount Vernon was built to face the Potomac River, which during George’s time, was the preferred mode of transportation.  Depicting the remainder of his property behind his residence as “Washington’s Backyard” is both accurate and verifiable.

George Washington's favorite hunting ground, Huntley Meadows Park, is one of the district's hidden gems.  It held a special place in George Washington's heart, as with current Franconians and wildlife, alike.  This picturesque park within the Franconia District was once the favorite hunting ground of the founding father, and its natural beauty remains preserved to this day.  By sharing stories and anecdotes about George Washington's time spent in Huntley Meadows, we can further strengthen the emotional connection between the district and its residents, reinforcing a sense of pride and belonging.

“The District of Franconia has the potential to become a place of great pride and inspiration.  Sadly, it lacks this under the current administration,” reports Beran.  By leveraging its rich history, embracing its natural beauty, and adopting a strong brand identity as "Washington's Backyard," the district can foster a sense of ownership, create a vibrant community, and enhance its tax base for generations to come.  

With the proposed slogan "Live, Work & Play Here!" and the introduction of the website, residents and potential homebuyers will have a platform to engage with the district's offerings, foster a sense of belonging, and inspire a bright future in the District of Franconia.

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