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"Our country needs to return to its founding roots of freedom.  Freedom from oppression, tyranny, big government, high taxes and crime.  We need to feel rewarded for working hard, creating new opportunities, building a home and a loving family.  We need to restore the Great American Dream!

With over a half-century of business and marketing experience, I know how to solve complex problems, keep people happy, and get things done!"


EDUCATION                 (click for more)

Fairfax County built its reputation on the strength of its rich history and quality education.  Our founding fathers who settled here were well educated and accomplished.  That tradition continued well into the new millennia -- but then, what happened?  Our schools have gone from the BEST in the country, to the worst in Virginia.  How does this happen? 

Our school district is the best equipped, best funded, and most reputable.  Yet, student performance has continually spiraled downward since BEFORE Covid-19.  The way our system is designed, the Public School District (FCSD) has oversight by an elected civilian School Board.  On top of that, the school board receives its funding and oversight by the elected Board of Supervisors.  Once elected, I will introduce new oversight and accountability procedures that will incentivize better performance by students and teachers.  Using the Supervisor's line-item veto power and oversight, fat will be trimmed where necessary to hire better teachers, upgrade performance tracking tools, and reduce overall costs.  

AFFORDABLE HOUSING              (click for more)

This is a catch phrase we hear often, but without detailed explanation.  Affordable for whom?   

Our first responsibility is to make certain our county appreciates and respects its older population.  Recognizing that this group of valued citizens has contributed most to the growth and maintenance of our county, how can we justify any ruling that might cause them to flee their homes?  Property taxes that increase three (3) times faster than incomes -- as well as all the other cost-of-living increases -- are making it virtually impossible for our older generation to live in the very houses they may have built, maintained, and more than likely paid off, is immoral, ungrateful, and very un-American.  Not on my watch!

I will immediately propose a two (2) year property tax freeze to afford the new Board an opportunity to cut costs where possible, and explore new revenue streams into the county that lessen the burden on homeowners.  The American Dream will remain alive and well under my new administration. 

My idea of "affordable housing" starts with the people that already live here.

LAW & ORDER              (click for more)


At some point, police departments have found themselves being partially or in some cases fully defunded, while prosecutors have stopped enforcing the law and dismissing perpetrators to just repeat their crimes.  Instead,  prosecutors are prosecuting those who dare to defend themselves.   This, unfortunately is true also here in Fairfax County.  Violent crime is up, morale among law enforcement is down.  Shoplifting, while much is no longer even being reported, is still up 47%.  Car-jacking, physical assault crimes -- including rape, armed robbery and battery -- even murder, is up nearly 20%.  What to do?

The Board of Supervisors have oversight of Public Safety.  Unless and until they start exercising their authority, nothing will change.  To put the same people who may have caused the problem in charge of coming up with a solution is a total lack of judgment on our part.  It's time for a change of leadership! 

For starters, pride needs to be restored in our communities.  People who are proud of their home respect it, they want to keep it, and are willing to cooperate with law enforcement to help protect it.  Having no pride results in a lack of cooperation and an exodus of population -- which is exactly what Fairfax County is experiencing right now!  

It's time to elect Paul Beran, Supervisor of Franconia.



With all this talk of a "Green New Deal," has anyone stopped to think about Mother Nature's role in this process?  Was she even invited to the Paris Accords?  Ask any credible geologist.  (Follow the science!)  Mother nature creates fossil fuels, not man.  In fact, man has no way of controlling how much fossil fuels Mother nature is going to make.  She'll just spew gases out into the atmosphere whenever she wants to, whether we use them or not.  If we choose not to use them, they will likely cause more damage to the ozone, start more wild fires, fuel more cave/mine fires, cause more volcanic eruptions, and perpetuate more devastation than mankind ever could.  But you already knew that, right?  

We most certainly have a responsibility to maintain public property, roadways, parks, waterways, etc.  Instead of focusing on pronouns and diversity, we should be attending to other more important responsibilities.  I propose a little more grass-roots approach to the environment -- literally!



In case you haven't noticed, Fairfax County is overflowing with diversity!  Whites, blacks, browns, orange and purples are all here from around the globe.  Those who come here, settle here, establish a family here, and are all welcome.  Our doors are wide open.  There is absolutely no need to set limits, quota's, or policies that determine "diversity" in the workplace, schools, churches, communities, etc.  That will just happen, naturally.  It's the American way to NOT JUDGE by color or any other criteria.  Just "Let Go and Let God!"  He made us all different.  You didn't know that?



Businesses will form wherever there is a need.  Got a neighborhood?  You'll find a neighborhood store.  Got a road?  You'll find a gas station, service center and car dealership.  Got backyards?  You'll find a lawn and garden center.  Got workers?  You'll find businesses who want to hire them, train them, and pay them.  It really is that simple.

Good government leaders can also create an environment that speeds this process up.  Or, if they're careless, they'll chase businesses away.  I prefer the former.  Our current Board of Supervisors seem to prefer the latter.


I have several strategies in mind that are very business centric.  (See Washington's Backyard and the Great American Walk-of-Fame).  These initiatives will result in more jobs, more resident tax base, and a reduced need to raise taxes in the future. 

That should all sound good to you.   We all want to hear more 'Good News,' more often!  

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