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Education Accountability




Fairfax County built its reputation on the strength of its rich history and quality education.  Our founding fathers who settled here were all well educated and accomplished.  That tradition continued well into the new millennia -- but then, what happened?  Our schools have gone from the BEST in the country, to the worst in Virginia -- dropping 27 points, while the rest of the state has increased 16 points.  How does this happen? 

Our public school district is the best equipped, best funded, and most reputable.  Yet, student performance has continually spiraled downward since BEFORE Covid-19.  The way our system is designed, the Public School District (FCSD) has oversight by an elected civilian School Board.  On top of that, the school board receives its funding and oversight by the elected Board of Supervisors. 


Once elected, I will introduce new oversight and accountability procedures that will incentivize better performance by students and teachers.  Using the Supervisor's line-item veto power and oversight, fat will be trimmed where necessary to hire better teachers, upgrade performance tracking tools, and reduce overall costs.

TJ High School 2022 Rankings
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