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Beran Proposes New US-1
Tourist Attraction 

For decades, Fairfax County has been trying to come up with a way to lure some of the estimated $8.1-billion tourist dollars spent in Washington DC last year, to travel a little southward.  They hadn't able to come up with anything,.. until Paul Beran approached them with this idea!

Richmond Highway, US-1, Fairfax County:   Imagine a pedestrian attraction akin to the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame, but with a patriotic twist.  Picture the “Great American Walk-of-Fame,” a tribute to war heroes, first responders, politicians, activists, and various historic figures that have shaped the United States.  This ambitious concept, proposed by Paul Beran, candidate for the Board of Supervisors for Fairfax County, holds tremendous potential to attract visitors and generate substantial revenue for the area.  By leveraging the ongoing rebuild of US-1 (Richmond Highway), the nation's first highway, and aligning with the upcoming 250th anniversary of the United States, this project can be realized without the use of any tax dollars.

Let voters of Fairfax County know, this concept originated by Paul Beran, could quite possibly become a national monument.  “After I’m elected,” promises Beran, “I will immediately begin talks with local, county, state and national officials to make this concept a reality.  Our proximity to Washington, D.C. provides a significant advantage.  As tourists flock to the nation's capital, they would be enticed to extend their stay and explore the adjacent Fairfax County, lured by this remarkable attraction.  Similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame where pedestrians marvel at the “Stars of Hollywood,” the Great American Walk-of-Fame would feature “Stars and Stripes,” honoring individuals and entities who contributed to the success of our nation.  

With an influx of visitors, the area stands to benefit from increased tourism revenue, spending on accommodation, dining, shopping, and other attractions as Mount Vernon (former estate of George Washington), and Gunston Manor (former estate of George Mason.)  While challenging to estimate the exact revenue this attraction will generate, it has the potential of contributing significantly to the local economy, creating jobs and supporting businesses.

Many thanks to:

G & A General Contractors

Matthews International

Virginia Dept of Transportation

for their valued assistance.

Already in progress, the rebuilding of US-1 presents an ideal opportunity to implement the Great American Walk-of-Fame.  By piggybacking this existing infrastructure project, the cost and logistical challenges are greatly mitigated.  As the highway rebuild project could span several years, the timing may just align perfectly with the nation's upcoming 250th anniversary.  By unveiling plans and launching the implementation in conjunction with this historic milestone, the Great American Walk‑of‑Fame can become a central attraction, drawing visitors from all across the world.


Beran's proposal for the Great American Walk‑of‑Fame has already garnered much enthusiasm among local business owners.  They recognize the potential of this concept, and the impact it could have on their businesses.  By working together with county, state and national officials, and utilizing his more than 40-years in the marketing/advertising industry, Beran plans to maximize the economic benefit this extraordinary project will have on Fairfax County, lowering the need to raise taxes.  Given recent county property tax hikes and spiraling costs, this is a very hot topic in the upcoming election.


To ensure a fair and bipartisan selection process, Beran proposes the formation of an executive committee responsible for receiving Walk-of-Fame nominations, determining the location of each Walk‑of‑Fame placement, and assessing their associated costs.  Nominees should be individuals or symbols of historical significance, tied to the founding, development, and defense of our United States.  Nominators would be responsible for raising the necessary funds for the installation of each Walk‑of‑Fame medallion.  This approach fosters community involvement and ensures self-sustainability.  Details will be forthcoming at

The Great American Walk‑of‑Fame celebrates the achievements and sacrifices that have shaped the United States, fostering a sense of patriotism and pride.  By honoring war heroes, activists, cultural icons, and landmark documents, the Walk‑of‑Fame serves as a timeless tribute to the nation's history and values.  Since the concept's implementation is a concrete sidewalk, this guarantees timeless durability and permanence, ensuring the monument cannot be toppled or tampered with, providing a lasting testament to the individuals and symbols they represent.


Beran's proposal for the Great American Walk‑of‑Fame presents an inspiring vision that aligns with the nation's values and history.  By leveraging the ongoing rebuild of US-1 and upcoming 250th anniversary celebration, this project has the potential to attract many hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, boost the local economy, and inspire a sense of patriotism among residents and visitors alike.  

As the election approaches, let us support candidates like Paul Beran who have the vision and dedication to bring such remarkable ideas to fruition, creating a lasting legacy for future generations

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