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Paul Beran says:
"Don't Remember!"

Veteran Legacy Network

Near and dear to Paul's heart are all his high school buddies who fought -- and died -- in the Vietnam War.  It gives him pause to think about all the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for this country throughout its 246-year history, dating all the way back to the Revolutionary War. We cannot forget them!  Not any one of them!

For this reason, Paul Beran has embarked on a military-style personal mission of his own:  the creation of a self-sustaining on-line network of meaningful content for U.S. Veterans and their families without the use of any government tax dollars.  This series of websites, all under the heading "Veteran Legacy Network," would feature content of great interest to:

  • Enlistees

  • Active-duty Military

  • Blue Star Families

  • Veterans

  • Military Retirees

  • Gold Star Families

  • Veteran Entrepreneurs

  • Non-profit (501.3c) Veteran Support Agencies

  • Non-govt Commercial Veteran Support Services

We're Building the Most Comprehensive On-Line Veteran Resource, Ever!


Greetings, Honored Vets!  (...and all Americans who love them!)

You not only served your country with honor and valor (or are serving), but you’re also playing an important role in the history of this great nation. 

Remember.Vet, founding member of the Veteran Legacy Network, is being created for its historic and informational value.  Ultimately, it will become the largest single database of veterans throughout American history.  Secure your own exclusive veteran profile on Remember.Vet.  Control how history remembers you! 

All veterans contribute to our nation’s history.  Here’s your chance to establish your own perspective, and make it part of the historic record—for everyone to see, and generations to come.  Open to all U.S. Military Veterans and their families—past, present, and future, Remember.Vet will enable "friendly" family members, comrades and descendants to add to your profile even after you're gone.  

Veteran Legacy Network ( is being created as the single largest independent source for all matters important to veterans, their families, and those who wish to support their causes.  Veterans can list themselves as seeking work.  Employers can list available job openings, special discounts, offerings, and opportunities exclusive for vets, and so much more.  We'll even include a convenient donation portal to all participating non-profit agencies that support veteran causes. 

Neither Remember.Vet nor the Veteran Legacy Network ( have an affiliation with any branch of the military, government, or Veterans Administration.  Although we may exchange information with these government agencies to bring you the latest information relevant to your service, no governmental department or bureaucrat has any influence over our network or its content. 

As a matter of principle and respect for the privacy of individuals and national security, all network members collectively agree to not publish or allow to be published, distribute or broadcast any content that could in any way endanger our troops, their platoons, bases, families, allies, or national security. 

Otherwise, all published content will be released in its original form by its respective authors.  We encourage a realistic balance of good, bad, and ugly.  This is the only way the American people will come to understand the fullness of our veterans’ sacrifice.  We will attempt to separate content submitted by veterans from those submitted by other contributors, to avoid any possible conflicts of information.

>>>    What you can soon expect from Remember.Vet:    <<<  

1.   Veteran Profile Gallery:

  • Sort by active service, inactive service, deceased, MIA

  • Sort by military branch, years of active duty, medal recipients, theaters of combat.


2.   Testimonials of sacrifice, duties, and performance:

  • Personalized stories by the veteran him/herself.

  • Contributing stories by family, friends, and next of kin.

  • Contributing stories by comrades and historians.

3.   Crowd supplied content:

  • Veteran photos, movies, audio messages (No emails will be published.)

  • Post-active duty veteran accomplishments


4.  Audio streaming and other related services: 

  • Letters sent home from deployment.

  • Optional family email contact (by referral only. 

  • Listen to a sample podcast:  AT EASE Podcast: "Chaplains in the Military."

  • At Ease—Talk Radio for Vets” (various guest-hosts and interviews.)

  • “Homecoming with Dr. Tim” with renowned Psychologist/Congressman, Tim Murphy.

  • "Frontlines of Freedom” with Lt. Colonel Denny Gillem (ret.)

  • Posthumous messages in accordance with the veteran’s final wishes.

  • Printable “QR code” for headstone or prayer card -- directing smartphone users to the deceased veteran's profile page.

  • CemQuest.Vet  Future smartphone app to locate and/or identify specific gravesites, battlegrounds, and other noteworthy sites utilizing GPS and Geofence technology, as well as easily connect to any relevant program.

With a partnership agreement with the American Legion pending, we’re receiving veteran profile information from various sources every day.  It's projected we’ll have more than one million profiles by the end of the year!  Those who register early will receive bonus features at low or no cost as they become available.

⭐  Please support our effort with a financial contribution of any amount. ⭐ 

The cost for creating and maintaining a single veteran's profile is estimated at $50-100.  There are at least 2-3 million living veterans in the U.S., and millions more laid to rest.  All contributions of $100+ will receive a very nice thank you gift.  Any contribution over $10 will receive a "Patriot" listing on our website.

Remember.Vet will be America's best information source memorializing our veterans and their families' sacrifice -- for all to 'Remember!'

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