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Record Increases of Crime in Fairfax County 


At some point, Police Departments found themselves being partially or in some cases fully defunded, while prosecutors stopped enforcing the law -- dismissing perpetrators to just repeat their crimes.  Instead,  prosecutors are prosecuting those who dare to defend themselves.  

Unfortunately, this is so true here in Fairfax County.  Violent crime is up, morale among law enforcement is down.  Shoplifting, while much is no longer even being reported, is still up 47%.  Car-jacking, physical assault crimes -- including rape, armed robbery and battery -- even murder, is up nearly 20%.  What to do?

The Board of Supervisors have oversight of Public Safety.  Unless and until they start exercising their authority, nothing will change.  To put the same people who may have caused the problem in charge of coming up with a solution is a total lack of judgment on our part.  It's time for a change of leadership! 

For starters, pride needs to be restored in our communities.  People who are proud of their home respect it, they want to keep it, and are willing to cooperate with law enforcement to help protect it.  Having no pride results in a lack of cooperation and an exodus of population -- which is exactly what Fairfax County is experiencing right now!  

It's time to elect Paul Beran, Supervisor of Franconia.

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