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Tim Murphy, PhD, Psychologist

Eight-term Congressman from PA

Former Congressman and State Senator from Pittsburgh PA, psychologist, national leader in mental health reform, and author of "The Christ Cure," Dr. Murphy has known Paul Beran for over 30-years.  He endorses Paul's "Stop Sexing Kids!" initiative whole-heartedly, and has partnered with Beran on his soon-to-be released Remember.Vet social media network for Veterans and their families.

Cyril H. Wecht, Renowned Medical Pathologist, MD, Juris Doctor

Forensic Medico-Legal Consultant

Adjnct Prof of Pathology, Univ of Pgh School of Med

Adjnct Prof, Duquesne Univ. School of Law

"I strongly support Paul Beran in his race for the office as Supervisor of the Franconia District in Fairfax VA.  I am confident that he would do an excellent job."  

Doctor Wecht performed more than 17,000 autopsies during his Medical Pathology career including John F. Kennedy, Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, JonBenét Ramsey, Anna Nicole Smith, Sharon Tate, and many other celebrities.  During which time, Wecht also served politically as County Coroner and later, Commissioner of Allegheny County.  "It was an honor to work with Dr. Wecht, politically, for ten years while living in Pittsburgh," commented Beran.  "I describe Dr. Wecht as the 'Albert Einstein' of our generation."

Xi Van Fleet, Author, Speaker

Parental Rights Advocate

This humble-hearted, freedom-loving, conservative immigrant from China, took the national spotlight last year when she dared to speak up against the Loudoun County School Board in defense of parental rights.  Now, in-demand speaker and accomplished author (Mao's America!), Mrs. Van Fleet is an ardent supporter of Paul Beran, who have stood together on several occasions to defend our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, and support other political candidates who pledge to do the same.  

Tom Fuentes, Ass't Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation (retired)

Outspoken Critic of the Current FBI Administration

"I am endorsing Paul Beran as candidate for the Board of Supervisors, Franconia District in Fairfax County, Virginia.  We need public officials at every level of our government, federal, county and state who are conservatives who love our country.  Paul Beran will be a great member of the Board of Supervisors." 

Tom's 29-year FBI career included 11-years as member of the U.S. Gov't’ Sr Executive Service, Dir. Office of International Operations, 76 Legal Attaché offices in Embassies and Consulates worldwide, and member of INTERPOL’s Executive Committee.

Fuentes P.jpg
Cardinal Donald J. Wuerl

Retired Archbishop of Washington DC

We attempted to reach Cardinal Wuerl to update his personal endorsement of Paul's candidacy, but was unable to do so.  However, we believe it's fair to list his prior endorsements of Mr. Beran and their long-standing relationship dating back to 1992.  

Before moving to the archdiocese of Washington DC, Donald Wuerl was bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh.  This is where Paul Beran worked with Bishop Wuerl's staff to assist single-parent families and divorced Catholics.  Beran founded local support groups around the diocese, assisted in the development of others, and directed their annual diocesan-wide "Day of Enrichment" for several years.  

Later, Beran was endorsed by Wuerl to join the committee assigned with the task of addressing the "Sex abuse by Priests" scandal that hit the Catholic Church in 2002.

Donald Wuerl.jpg
The Virginia Project, 527 PAC

David Gordon, Founder

The Virginia Project is most widely known for their valuable assistance in getting Gov. Youngkin, Lt. Gov. Sears, and State Attorney Gen. Miyares elected in 2021.  Originally, The Virginia Project, founded and headed by conservative David Gordon of Virginia, was intended only to support Republican state-wide candidates in Virginia. 

That is, until Candidate Paul Beran introduced the idea of a group of local candidates banding together to form "The Replacements."  Gordon was immediately convinced this was an approach he wanted his PAC to support, along with Beran as its leader.

Tom Kostelac

Entreprenuer, Conservative

TOM'S FACEBOOK POST 5/19/2023:  "If any of my friends here live in Fairfax County VA's Franconia District, vote for my friend and mentor, Paul Beran, for Supervisor on November 7th.  Franconia is the most densely populated district of Fairfax County, which itself is the most populated county in Virginia. 


Its people deserve proper representation by a public servant such as Mr. Beran; a man who has embraced the American Dream through a successful career as an entrepreneur, yet always showed great empathy for those whose lives he touched.  Paul stands for God and an American who puts her people and national interests first.  With over 40-years of business experience and 5 decades of political experience, Paul is Franconia District's best choice for Supervisor this November."

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