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Affordable Housing?

Picture taken in China, 2011
Picture taken by Paul Beran, 2011, in China.  Is this where we're headed, here, in Fairfax County VA?
What does
really mean?


This is a catch phrase we hear often, but without detailed explanation.  Affordable for whom?  ​


Our first responsibility is to make certain our county appreciates and respects its older population.  Recognizing that this group of valued citizens has contributed most to the growth and maintenance of our county, how can we justify any ruling that might cause them to flee their homes?  Property taxes that increase three (3) times faster than incomes -- as well as all the other cost-of-living increases -- are making it virtually impossible for our older generation to live in the very houses they may have built, maintained, and more than likely paid off, is immoral, ungrateful, and very un-American.  Not on my watch!

Beran will immediately propose a two (2) year property tax freeze to afford the new Board an opportunity to cut costs where possible, and explore new revenue streams into the county that lessen the burden on homeowners.  The American Dream will remain alive and well under my new administration. 

Beran's idea of "affordable housing" starts with the people that already live here.

Do we want to be herded like "Sheeple?"  Take a look at how China creates "affordable housing" from this picture I took.  Is this compatible with the "American Dream?"

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