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The Power of Prayer

Franconia PrayerPaul Beran
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Dear Lord,

We humbly pray for our community, our families, and our leaders. 

The District of Franconia needs Your guidance, love, and grace. 

Have mercy on us, Dear Lord.  We cannot function on this earth,

without You remaining steadfast in our lives. 

Stay with us, Lord.  Please walk by our side. 

Whisper to us by night.  Inspire us by day. 

Let us feel Your Holy Spirit's influence on our daily decisions. 

Keep us free from harm, our children safe, our homes protected. 

Make it possible for us to live productive lives

in harmony with all our neighbors.  

Guide us as we "Live, Work and Play" 

in the District of Franconia.


"My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,


Has made Himself known to me so many times throughout my life!  It was by His Will that I am running for Supervisor of Franconia.  He has been my Spiritual Inspiration...and Campaign Manager!

I praise His Holy Name for my continued health, strength, and healing of my body which enabled me to 'run' as a candidate, where only weeks before, I could barely walk.  I would love to share my testimony with you some day.  

Please support my campaign with your prayers.  I have seen first hand, the 'Power of Prayer!'

All my best to the people of Franconia and Fairfax County!"

~ Paul Beran

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