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To the Current Fairfax County Board of Supervisors...

Whose policies:


  • Push seniors out of their homes

  • Defunds the police

  • Allows craziness to replace education in our schools...


We say: 


Get Ready to Be Replaced!

Replacement Candidates are waiting in the wings to:

  • Bring Sanity Back to Our Schools

  • Make Educators accountable for failing grades

  • Cut out-of-control spending on agendas not needed or wanted by Fairfax County taxpayers.

  • Make housing AFFORDABLE to everyone, especially those who have lived here for decades and wish to continue living here!

  • Introduce a 'SAFETY FIRST' agenda that protects all citizens of this county, equally. 


When you vote this Fall in the ALL IMPORTANT local election, be sure to vote for The Replacements.  Look for the "R" next to their name.  

The Replacements Sample Radio Ad
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