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Is there anything more important than our Next Generation?

Allow our children to grow up, naturally. 

They’ll change their mind, their habits, their personality at least 3-4 times as they grow into adulthood, experimenting all along the way – emulating those whom they see and admire most.  But, ultimately, they’ll grow up just the way they, and God, intended.  They don’t need teachers, local politicians, TV or movie celebrities, or others to nudge them along one way or the other, sexually. 

In fact, it’s wrong to direct children down a certain sexual path of your choosing, even if it seems at the moment that the child might agree.  They simply lack the wisdom and advanced knowledge of the extent of their decision, or the consequences of their choice.  That’s why children under the age of 18 aren’t permitted to drink, smoke, vote, or buy real estate.  Why, therefore, do some adults think kids have the capacity to make lifelong decisions such as a sex-change operation?  Don't take my word for it.  Read what the experts say.  

Let boys be boys, and girls be girls.  Let them evolve on their own, and don’t try to understand what direction they might take once they become an adult.  That’s simply their choice, not yours, when it’s time for them to make it, LEGALLY!


Teachers and counselors, failure to follow this simple and time-tested advice will likely cost your career, license, maybe even your house and home!  Insurance underwriters are waking up to the inevitable onslaught of sex-abuse cases that will be coming their way, just as soon as parents realize their right and duty to fight back, or the children themselves realize the bad advice they may have received, or regret choices they have made.  Educator professional liability insurance premiums will undoubtedly skyrocket.


Parents, hear this!  You are the responsible party for your children until they reach legal age.  If you feel at any time that someone is trying to interfere with your child’s normal sexual and evolutionary development, you need to take action, and do it right away!  Don’t expect things to go away like a passing fad.  It’s likely to get worse, and may eventually become irreversible.


Contact your attorney if needed.  Seek professional advice.  Do not allow even a day to pass.  Those who may be trying to influence your child to consider a sex change operation are likely breaking the law, and at the very least undermining you as your child’s parent.  You know your children better than anyone else.  Don’t let anyone convince you, otherwise.  Your child is at least half ‘you!’  The same genetics generally mean similar thoughts, dispositions, characteristics and habits.  Exercise your parental rights and demand an immediate cessation of your child’s undue sexual influence. 


File suit in court, as necessary.  Your attorney will advise you of your legal rights.  For a list of law firms with specific expertise in sex abuse cases, go to  Don’t hesitate to do what you need to do to protect your children from systemic child sex abuse.  That’s what ‘this’ is, pure and simple.

Demand they “STOP SEXING YOUR KIDS!”  Tell every teacher, educator and administrator who promotes this type of pornographic and perverted exposure to our nation’s most innocent civilians, there’s no place for it in our schools, libraries or playgrounds.  Not yesterday.  Not today.  Not ever!

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