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You Want a Supervisor with...


You Want a "Supervisor" Candidate with "SUPER-VISION!"


Paul Beran envisions the day when:

  • Housing is affordable for all ages and ethnic groups!

  • You can walk down the street and not be afraid.

  • You can send your children to school to learn reading, writing, arithmetic, and American History! 

  • You can buy an electric vehicle – or gasoline!

  • You can state your mind – in person or on-line – without being ‘canceled!’

  • You can salute the American flag and not be criticized for being patriotic!

You want a Supervisor who can envision things that will improve the lives of every tax-paying citizen.  This requires good communication and understanding skills -- but most of all, LISTENING closely to what constituents are saying.  I will do that.

Paul Beran brings "Good News" to the Franconia District of Fairfax County.  

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