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Paul Beran
Former Candidate for Board of Supervisors, Fairfax County VA


NOV 20, 2023  First, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart, all the many thousands of district residents who came out to vote for me.  My wife Lynn and I worked our hearts out, along with a wonderful group of supportive concerned citizens to present a positive, powerful election campaign. 


We outraised most of our fellow candidates and opponents alike, out performed them in rallies, a variety of events, an unprecedented number of debates (5), and throughout the neighborhoods of Franconia District.

It was a rough month for the entire Fairfax County Republican Party. 

  • So many GREAT candidates! 

  • So many dedicated volunteers! 

  • So much promise for the future of our county, and in particular, the Franconia District!

Yet, all seemed to vanish in a matter of minutes following the poll's close of November 7th, last year.  What the heck happened?  


For me, it was never about winning an election.  It was to rescue the many issues important to our county and my district.  From the moment I filed to run, I received phone calls from senior citizens desperate to stay in the homes they love, maintained, and in many cases already paid off.  Yet, because of continually rising taxes, assessments and inflation, they're being forced out of their homes, and to move to another county!  They begged me to do something!

Others asked me to intervene in the Rose Hill Shopping Center rezoning.  To area residents, that shopping center is crucial for them.  They can't imagine life in that neighborhood without the stores, doctors offices and restaurants they frequent -- in some cases -- every day!  Instead, the developer wants to replace the shopping center with a monstrous apartment complex that's simply not needed nor welcome in that community.

Then, there's Lake Accotink and Kingstowne Lake -- both in need of dredging.  The county refuses to address these issues that would preserve their natural beauty for generations to come.  Instead, they prefer to kick the can down the road, causing unspeakable environmental problems, and incur even greater expense in the not-too-distant future. 

I don't even want to discuss the current school board and FCPS administration.  That situation is just too intolerable for words.  If you haven't seen the video posted next to this letter, you need to watch it -- especially if you're a parent with children in the Fairfax County Public School System.  My advice is that you watch it sitting down.

So, where were all the concerned voters on Election Day?  What can we expect for the future of Fairfax County?  These are the questions we ponder, and look to Almighty God for answers.  I welcome your comments, criticisms and ideas -- even now, after the election.  Although I'm not planning to run again, I will certainly support any conservative candidate who steps up to the plate as I did this year.

Perhaps that future candidate is you!

May God bless!

Paul Beran

Protecting Our Children Will Be My #1 Priority!

If this "Absolute Truth" podcast doesn't raise your blood pressure, check your pulse.  For more eye-opening videos, click here.

Paul Beran, former Candidate for Board of Supervisors, Fairfax County VA, discusses major issues and innovative common sense solutions.

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Paul speaking at Press Conference
Paul speaking at a Press Conference
Paul and his wife at a church picnic.
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